The Organization

The Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County (ACCSC) was formed and granted society status in 2004. The organization is led by an elected executive representing diverse rural and urban arts and culture groups, individual artist and supporters of arts and culture in our Community. The ACCSC is supported by County Council, and liaison staff from Strathcona County Recreation Parks and Culture. The ACCSC works to promote our members and arts and culture in our community through our website and through workshops, speakers, meetings and signature events.

The ACCSC and its programs are run purely by our volunteer Executive Board. If you are interested in volunteering and assisting in delivering our programs please feel free to contact us at info@accsc.ca we would love to have you!



The purpose of the ACCSC is:

  • To take an advocacy role and educate citizens about the value and benefit of cultural services and opportunities in Strathcona County.
  • To promote and increase visibility of the Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County, it member groups, their events, services and opportunities to the community.
  • To be a collaborative body for member organizations in order to leverage the efficiencies of resource sharing, event planning and service co-ordination.
  • To encourage greater participation in support of culture in Strathcona County.


The ACCSC executive is comprised of a board of 6 members elected at the Annual General Meeting. Executive meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month, excluding August. The ACCSC executive encourages input and feedback from our members.


2020/21 Board of Directors:

President – Toni Keller
1st Vice President - Michelle Fong

2nd Vice President - Corrie Side
Treasurer – Barb Gobert
Marketing Director – Maya Sawaya

Art Foster Program Director - Hailey Payne

Art Foster Program Director - Lydia Pollak

Technology Director - Doug Verheijen 

Director- Linda Poignant

Director - Bob Lemmons

Director - Paula Maillet

Strathcona County Recreation Parks & Culture Liaison (not elected) - Chris Munn, Heather Teghtmeyer

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