There’s a tendency to stereotype this stuff called Arts and Culture - isn’t there?

You know what we mean. Like sitting through a symphony; meandering through a museum; nodding knowingly at pieces hanging on a gallery wall,; taking in a show at the theatre or, dutifully discussing the characters in Tolstoy’s War and Peace!

Sophisticated stuff that’s for “sophisticated folks.” Right?

Sure. But not really!

There’s more - a lot more - to Arts and Culture than those stereotypes?

For example, Culture is….

- The aroma of 100 different spices that creates the foods of our many       homelands.
- The stories of settlers, ranchers, and farmers handed down through     generations.
- The dramatic or subtle colours of national costumes.
- The promotion of gender and racial equality.
- The swirls and sounds of sensuous dance.
- The salute to the statues and buildings that celebrate our heritage.
- The art of the weaving and bobbing of nature's bounty.
- The kids chalk art on the sidewalk that makes us smile.
- The loving rekindling of a forgotten artisan skill.
- The busker at the local farmers market (and the market).
- The carving or sculpting of statements of beauty with chainsaws or     chisels.
- The street art that transforms old and dull into new and vibrant.
- The embracing of our cultural diversity.
- The taking or painting of pictures that are worth a thousand words.
….and yes, even the slap on the ice of a hockey stick - and so much more.

You get the idea!

Arts & Culture is a living breathing everyday, everywhere, everyman (every person?) thing. And that’s why we're here. We’re the Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County (ACCSC) and here’s who we are and what we do

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