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Culture Is The Heart And Soul Of Canada's

Most Livable Community.

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Here’s an interesting cold hard fact to give you a warm fuzzy feeling! 

According to Statistics Canada the Arts & Culture sector impacts the lives of more people and drives more dollars into our economy than sports!


And that’s true at the Federal, Provincial and Local levels.

So, when it comes to supporting a sector in our community that gives you a greater return on investment than most any other, think about where you’ll get the best ROI.

That’s with Arts & Culture.

You’ll also be helping to sustain, grow, create and foster an environment in which all of us - across every age and demographic - can explore, discover and connect with the vast and vibrant variety of arts and culture in our community.

So, if this makes sense to you, send off an email to our President, Ken Duncan at, he’ll be happy to talk with you about creating a “win-win” opportunity.

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